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Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

Everybody seems to be gushing over this book recently, but I found the writing a little too simplistic and certain aspects of the plot hit a few triggers. I decided to try the next book anyway, mainly because it had an interesting title.


I think it was too long for what it was. It drags in places and the romance felt too forced. The time travel aspect could have been made more interesting than it was. I also didn't find the reaction realistic when a modern woman tried to put a Scot from the past in his place. It just wouldn't happen in his time.


I wouldn't discourage reading it though because lots of people love it.

Testing Limitations - Jaq D. Hawkins

This has never existed as a book. It was placed on Goodreads to flush out the trolls who were one starring books just to game the system, downvoting authors from a list for the sake of pure nastiness.


Someone was a big enough loser to transfer it here, where this kind of game playing shouldn't exist.